How To Ask A Sexy Girl Out – Everything You Need To Know

So you’re looking for a way to ask a girl out in the most effective and attractive way, right?

If so, there are a couple – not many – things you need to know.

You see, before we’re going to focus on how to actually do it as attractively as possible, let’s first look at what we need to know beforehand.

Do you already know what the girl is attracted to?

Don’t worry, you do not need to know specifically what she wants. Instead, I want you to know what women in general want – especially sexy girls.

First of all, she needs to be very attractive and sexy. If she’s not, go ahead and read some other article. I teach you how to ask a sexy girl out – and have sex with her – not how to ask out some obese female construction worker.

You might be thinking, “Like anyone wants to attract such women.”, and I agree. There are, however, still men attracted to these kinds of women.

So what do sexy and attractive girls sexually want from you? Three things. Not one hundred, just three.

  1. Confidence.
  2. Charm.
  3. Responsibility.

Do you already know what these qualities mean? If not, simply read this article first. You can even watch the video below, which is probably even more in depth.

Better yet, first watch this video and then read the above linked article.

Already assume attraction with the girl you’re going to ask out.

Yes, even though you’re not sure whether she actually does really likes you.

You see, when you already assume she’s attracted to you, you’ll automatically behave more attractively. In this way you’re creating for yourself a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Just like the header suggests, just assume she already likes you. In this way you’ll behave more confidently, more charming, and you’ll take more responsibility.

Don’t wait for her to make any move!

You should already know this by know. Women do not like to take responsibility for anything involved in the dating process.

Also, the more beautiful and sexy the girl is, the more she’ll try to avoid taking any responsibility whatsoever.

So what you should you do? Make all the moves!

Once you’ve stated – and, ironically, not asked – you want to go out with her for a drink, (don’t make it appear too much like a traditional, romantic date) don’t simply stand there in awe once she accepted.

Also, don’t stand there in disapointment when she refuses or resists your efforts.

Instead, and again, assume there already is attraction between the two of you regardless of how she might actually respond. Then simply keep taking action in the direction of how you’d like things to progress between the two of you.

In this way, you’ll simply make it much easier for her to accept and go along with whatever you’re planning to do. She’ll not only be more attracted to you because you are appearing more confident, but she’ll also find it much easier to simply follow along and go with the flow.

Then keep progressing and escalating either right there on the spot, or if one of you doesn’t have time to continue the interaction, go for her number (by stating you want it, and not asking) and simply continue behaving very attractively in the way I have presented to you, either right there or on the phone.

Also, do not actually worry about how you should continue the interaction on the phone or in person. You should already know, by now, what to do anyway. Getting girls on dates – and sleeping with them – is very easy once you understand what makes them feel at ease, comfortable, attracted to you, and relaxed.

So that’s how you ask a beautiful girl out effectively, confidently, and attractively. If you have any questions, feedback, or thoughts on any of the above, simply comment down below.

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