Why You Should Raise Your Standards

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Raising your standards brings many benefits for you.

Often I come across the PUA advice to first “warm up” with less attractive girls.

The idea is to approach unattractive women or people you don’t have any interest in only so you can then get “warmed up” and ready to successfully approach the more attractive girls.

When I consider such advice, I honestly wonder to myself why in the world you would want to do something like that when there’s absolutely no need for it in the first place.

Sure, if you are extremely introverted and socially awkward, I may understand.

But even while most of us think they truly are introverted, most are NOT.

Would you, for instance, warm up to start talking to your friends?

No? How about warming up to talk to your co-workers?

Of course you wouldn’t, therefore, there’s no need to warm up for beautiful girls, either.

As a matter of fact, raising your standards and solely approaching the most beautiful women you can find in your area is extremely beneficial to you, while at the other hand, approaching less attractive girls almost always is counterproductive for you.

Raise your standards and magic happens.

Raising your standards has interestingly many benefits to you:

  1. First of all, when you raise your standards you will purely improve your skill set and experience with beautiful women. This has many advantages for you because attractive and unattractive women think very differently from each other. What works on average looking girls often does not work with astonishingly beautiful women.
  2. Second, raising your standards to only go after the most beautiful women is actually charming to women, and therefore, beneficial to you. You see, once sexy girls notice you’re only with beautiful women, they’ll be highly complimented once you actually convey you want to date them.  Also, this tells women you are not desperate. This, too, is highly beneficial to you as all women are absolutely turned off by desperate men, while at the same time turned on by men with many options. Guess what it implies once you convey you’re only attracted to the very best girls in your area?
  3. And third, since you will only approach the best girls you can find, these will be the only women you’ll actually do end up sleeping with. Overall, raising your standards means you’ll only sleep with the women you actually truly want to sleep with in the first place.

Why going for less is counterproductive.

Seducing less attractive women, or women with whom you have no sexual interest in, will do more harm to you than good.

Here’s why:

  1. First, you gain knowledge and experience with women you don’t truthfully want to date in the first place. Hence, why would you want to have any of this experience when you know that it’ll most likely not work with the women you do want to date? This kind of experience will actually decrease your odds of having sex with beautiful girls, as the methods you’re used to have working for you most likely won’t work — and maybe even be counterproductive — should you be applying it on the women you do want to date .
  2. Second, when the girl you’re dating finds out you don’t only date the very best women you can find, it will tell her she’s maybe not that special to you after all. If so, why would she be special to you if you don’t go for the best women in the first place? Hence, your charm will inevitably decrease.
  3. And third, you’ll basically waste your time, as you’ll build up experience with women you don’t want to have sex with in the first place, which itself most likely won’t work on the women with whom you do want to sleep, and therefore, you’ll probably end up not having any girlfriend at all.

You see, going for anything other than that what you truly want is simply pointless. It will just not fulfill your true desires in any way.

If you know what beautiful girls want and how to give it to them, this sweetness is what you’ll constantly experience!

Attracting beautiful girls isn’t that difficult.

On the contrary! Once your mindset is correct and you became masculine enough, dating beautiful girls will become profoundly simple to you.

In the end, that’s what you want and you’ll only acquire that experience by actually going out there and making it truly happen.

As you have learned today, when you try to attract any girl less than what you could’ve have, you are shooting yourself in the foot unnecessarily.

So do yourself and all the women in the world a favor, and only approach and seduce the girls you truthfully want to date in the first place.

It will make the world a better place for everyone, but of course, mostly for you.

Have you ever caught yourself spending time with a girl you actually knew was not worth it?

Let me know in the comment section!

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Raise Your Standards

  1. You are really confused between “warming up” and doing real approaches to ugly chicks. The section of “Why going for less is counterproductive” you are talking about dating and approaching ugly women , not talking about warming up at all.

    There is nothing wrong with approaching non-intimidating women at the start of your session. There is absolutely nothing counterproductive in asking them for directions or saying hi or complementing them. Do you know what’s counterproductive ? Setting your bar too high and going out of your home to approach models then freeze in your head for hours then going back home. That’s what happen to 99% of guys when they hear your weird advice…

    1. Any sort of approach that is considered indirect is counterproductive. That is if you want to attract highly feminine and attractive women. This is because feminine women do not fall for indirect men. They fall for direct men. Hence, if you practice indirect methods of approaching unattractive (or less attractive) women, it might actually work. And there is the problem. You see, what works on less attractive women oftentimes does not work on the most attractive women. And thus you will get excellent at something that won’t help you actually achieve your desired end result. You’ll still freeze up when the girl is exceptionally attractive.

      Setting the bar as high as possible is what will bring you eventual success. Sure, you might freeze in your head, but if such women are the type of women you’ll eventually want to end up with it does not matter how many thousands of less attractive women you’ve approached in the past. You’ll still freeze up with the highly attractive ones. So the freezing up is the thing you’ll have to deal with; not building experience in approaching less attractive women because it suits your comfort zone better.

      I understand that such information might not make you feel better about yourself, but we’re not here to make each other feel special or any sort of that ‘feel good’ crap. We’re here to get what we want and do it in an ethical and natural manner. For most of us that is dating the sexiest girls of our imagination. Not approaching unattractive girls.

      What you’re saying is like only doing the leg press in the gym because squatting is hard and intimidates you. You’ll only get good at squatting by actually squatting. So confront your fears head on and approach the very most attractive women you can find in your area. Be a man and confront those fears.

      And why do you call yourself RSD Tyler when you are not?

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