4 Reasons You Need Charm to Quickly Have Sex With Beautiful Women

Charm is an exceptionally powerful tool to get beautiful women into bed FAST.

Again, it is not based on fancy pick up lines or PUA routines.

Rather, it’s a tool which you can use in fascinating ways to make women absolutely adore you – exceptionally fast.

But what’s immediately important to note is that charm still stays a toola tool attached to a philosophy.

If you don’t understand the philosophy, the tool is usually worthless:

I once heard a story of people who crashed their plane on an island.

They came up with the idea of chopping through the woods to reach the nearest village (the strategy).

They immediately started chopping and discussing the best techniques to chop their way through the forest most efficiently (the tool).

That’s when suddenly someone was smart enough to climb up a tree, look, and say, “Hey guys! You’re chopping the wrong way! The island is this way!”

What was missing?

A philosophy.

You see, all the chopping (tools like fancy lines and charm) won’t do you any good if you don’t have a valid philosophy and strategy behind it!

And even worse, if your philosophy is incorrect your strategies and techniques can even work counterproductively for you.

A philosophy in any context means to understand WHY you’re doing things in the first place.

A strategy in any context means to understand HOW you’re going to accomplish your philosophy.

Finally, you use techniques to accomplish WHAT you want to do.

Hence, if you’re not sure what women sexually want, go here, then come back.

Or you can watch this video:

And now, without any further due, here are the 4 reasons why you need charm to get gorgeous looking babes into your bed FAST.

1. She’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed around you.

Whenever you’re attracted to a sexy girls it is essential that she is comfortable and relaxed around you.

Actually, the quicker a girl feels comfortable around you, the faster you’ll be able to take her back to your home.

Furthermore, it’s simply impossible to legally sleep with anyone if you won’t make that person comfortable first.

Comfort is actually often the reason why many women say they are attracted to humorous men.

What they actually say is, “He makes me feel comfortable and good, therefore, I like him”.

But as is the case with the above, women often confuse liking for attraction.

You see, attraction is the emotion of sexual tension.

But liking is the emotion of friendship.

Big difference between the two!

Therefore, if you’re already doing so, stop wasting your time learning how to be funny or tell good stories just for the sake of entertaining women.

These qualities will only make her feel more comfortable, but there are far better ways to make women comfortable around you.

The best way is to simply be comfortable around yourself – at all times.

This is the biggest key to getting anyone comfortable around you.

You see, almost all emotions are highly contagious.

Feel happy long enough and others around you will be, too.

Feel down long enough and others around you will be, too.

The same counts for comfort.

So what to do when you’re totally not comfortable with yourself?

Then, my friend, you improve your self-esteem so you’ll appreciate yourself more.

2. She’ll feel special to you

Of course, if done correctly.

For example, you immediately lose a significant amount of charm when you:

  • Act desperately around her (not having enough options).
  • Convey you don’t have high standards (means she could be anyone, thus, not special).
  • Don’t take care of yourself (unhealthy).
  • Don’t compliment her when she needs or deserves it (appears too egocentric).
  • Decrease her self-esteem (negging; doesn’t need any explanation I hope).

And when we look at human biology, specifically the selection of mates, we search for the best qualities promising us the highest chances of survival.

Since women have physically more vulnerable bodies, guess what?

Their brains have been hardwired to literally look for a male who’s offering both themselves and their offspring the highest chances of survival.

And how safe and secure do you think she’d feel around you if you would act desperately around her (in any form), fuck a new girl every day, wouldn’t take care of yourself (in any way), were way too self-centered, and actually intentionally decreased her feelings of worth about herself?

Of course NO female would want to be with such a male. That’s like the most unattractive male in the world, right there.

So, what can we do instead?

The complete, polar opposite.

So instead, be the guy who clearly conveys he can have many girls, has high standards, takes great care of himself, is very appreciative, humble, respectful, gives compliments, and loves others (yet still is very confident and loving to himself at least as much).

The above is specifically done by improving your self-esteem (therefore improving all your other attractive qualities).

3. She’ll feel protected and cared of by you.

Once you do the above confidently, meaning you convey you could supposedly date any model but that you still choose her, she’ll of course feel very special to you.

This is extremely beneficial to you in many ways.

First, she’ll naturally feel more protected by you because she clearly sees you value her (it’s in our instinct to protect what we value).

This’ll make her feel even more comfortable around you.

Second, she’ll accept way more direct and bold actions from you, simply because you seem to actually do care about her.

This means that you can flirt with her in enchanting bold ways and still get away with it.

I’ve actually had many times myself where I approached and said things to girls like, “I just have to tell you… You look extremely gorgeous and sexy.”

If done correctly, THEY will be the speechless and blushing ones!

So why did it work so well?

Because I complimented her specifically, sincerely, and confidently, therefore, I conveyed instant charm.

See, I didn’t just bump into her with some sort of weird line while constantly breaking eye contact.

Neither did I try to entertain her by telling a cool story or joke.

I was just being direct about my intentions and, of course, very charming.

And third, she’ll sleep with you MUCH easier. Making her feel special is actually the key to getting girls back to your home fast.

You see, a lot of women want to have sex just as much as you do, but for the most part society forbids them to even openly talk about it!

Therefore, most women will feel too cheap if they willingly follow you back to your home without actually feeling special to you.

This is a huge reason why you should enchant the women you want to get into bed, FAST.

I actually call it my secret weapon…

Honestly, because once applied correctly it just makes all women fall in love with you… Very fast.

Use with caution. 🙂

(Seriously, only enchant women you truly want to attract. I’ve actually made some stupid mistakes because of breaking this rule.)

4. She’ll feel better about both herself and life anytime she’s around you.

And lastly, when you’re charming around anyone it’ll cause the person to feel good about either themselves, life, or both.

Once charm is applied correctly people start to smile the instant they see you.

When you see this happen you just know people have attached you to positive emotions.

This is exactly what you want women to feel for you, and actually, you want as many people possible to feel good about you.

However, make sure to never compromise your confidence for charm.

Your opinion and dominance are always far more important than that of anyone else.

But please, don’t call that selfish. It’s simply the mindset which reaps the best results for us individually.

So there you have it! Four reasons why you need charm to get women into bed fast!

Did I miss anything?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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