About Superior Seduction

Me and my two beautiful sisters.

Hi there. My name is Sebastian, I’m born in 1993 and I currently live in a beautiful city called Haarlem, close to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

My purpose with this particular story is to introduce you to my view of dating and seducing beautiful, sexy women. Also, it’s to introduce you to my story: How I started out mediocrely with women but within no-time changed to someone who is, say, exceptionally good with women.

However, before we do so I’d like to first give you some quick advice as to how you should interpret the messages I bring forth with this website.

What Superior Seduction is all about

First of all, my advice is noticeably different than that of other so-called PUA or seduction experts. I believe in a natural, scientific, and instinctive approach to dating and seducing beautiful women; not in corny pick up lines or manipulative techniques.

Second, my intentions with Superior Seduction are to open your eyes regarding attracting and seducing the most beautiful and sexy women you can ever possibly find. It’s to teach you an exact blueprint of what beautiful women want and how to give it to them. Hence, should you have any counteracting desires in mind; this website might not be the ideal one for you.

Third, my approach to dating and seducing beautiful women is always based on honesty and integrity. More or less everything you’ll learn from me will be based on either one of those two qualities. I believe the good things in life can be achieved in many different ways; indeed, there many different roads leading to Rome.

For this reason it is my mission to only provide both you and myself with the most efficient and sincere truths around dating and seduction. You can, for example, successfully approach a woman with some indirect PUA technique and maybe even have sex with her. Nevertheless, any success you would have had with such a technique you’d have experienced much faster and effortlessly should you consider any of my honest and direct methods to seduction.

Therefore, everything I’ll share with you will be scientifically truthful and based on our natural instincts. Furthermore, I will do my sincere best to only provide you with that of the most valuable, practical, and proven seduction advice currently known to man.

superior-seductionHow I became exceptionally good with women

Before we delve into the reason why I started Superior Seduction let us first take a look at how my love life was several years ago.

During elementary and high school, I never really have been confident. Luckily, I also wasn’t very shy. You could call me a simple, average boy.

Growing up, I barely had any female friends. I’d rather make fun of them for the sole reason of getting attention from them (which I did get, but never any of usefulness). Luckily, I’ve grown up with two sisters and one brother; all older than me, and thus I could use them as my examples.

My brother is two and a half years older than me and he was always an example to me. Since he lost his virginity when he was 17 I since then made it the ironic goal to must have lost my virginity by the age of 17, too.

As a result, I indeed lost my virginity at 17 years old; even with an astonishingly beautiful girl who was also two and a half years older than me. How it all happened; I don’t even remember that well, but what I do know is that because I set that goal two and a half years before, I did the necessary things in order to get there. I didn’t realize it back then and even didn’t realize it until now, but now I do.

I’m happy I set that goal, because in the next few years I learned more and more about women, what they sexually want and how to give it to them.

I finally ended up with my latest ex girlfriend, Julia, with whom I lived under the same roof for nearly a year. Eventually that relationship, too, broke up as she had to move back to Greece, where she had her permit to stay.

Since then I’ve been single, and you could call that both the most horrible and wonderful times in my life. You see, when I ended up single again back in 2013 I had basically no social skills. I was smoking weed every day and at the same time working at least 60 hours a week on my new business. I had my dream and that was to make €5000 a month net income by the end of the year.

Well — for the sake of keeping this article not too lengthy — I did achieve that goal, too. I was astonished, amazed, and incredibly excited when I found out I actually did achieve my goal.

But do you know what my motives were behind that €5000 a month net income? It were a whole bunch of things, but it was mostly the fact to be able and travel all over the world, be free, and date the most beautiful women I could possibly find in my area, successfully.

Well, to my disappointment, all that money didn’t bring me the beautiful girls. It actually brought me further away from them! All those hours I had put into my business, all those hours I had put into work; because of all that I ended up being someone with no friends, no girlfriend, and very low social skills!

Of course, I could still have happy and interesting conversations with my family and friends, but women? Beautiful women? Hell no. That was simply out of the question. It was just… scary. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, how to behave, and how to indirectly get them into my bed; because being direct about it would be completely out of the question.

I had a problem, and right there, right then, did I admit it to myself:

Sebastian, you need help learning how to seduce beautiful girls! You worked your ass off to make all this money and now you will do the same to get all the beautiful girls!

That admission, my friend, had set my whole life in a whole new direction. Suddenly and immediately I was determined to find out the best and most effortless ways to attract the most beautiful women I could ever find. I didn’t know how I would do it, I didn’t know when I would be able to do so, but I simply knew that this was my destiny.

After all, I did have been raised by three women, namely; my two sisters and my mother. Maybe it is because of that reason that I absolutely love women so much; I don’t know. But I did know back then that I would be able to accomplish my goal once again, because luckily my self-esteem never has been so low that I wouldn’t be able to believe in myself.

feminine-energyThe abundance of femininity around me is exhilarating 

Because I always kept the belief in myself that I could be, do, or have anything I truthfully desired, life has been very generous with me. I started buying all kinds of books on seduction. I started watching YouTube video’s; following the world’s experts on seduction, or at least that’s how people call them.

What I immediately found was that, even without the bright understanding of women and dating I have today, I still would find it odd that so much advice sounded extremely foolish and simply dumb.

I would find, for example, many different methods for having excuses to bump into women. I also would find that a lot of the PUA techniques and methods were focused on getting some sort of attention from women, even negatively sometimes. Even while I didn’t knew yet what women truly were attracted to I knew something in this approach was wrong. I knew there had to be more; that there had to be a much better, scientific, and natural approach to seducing beautiful women; one which you could apply universally and without any conscious effort.

Then, after months of sole dedication towards meeting new women and learning how to successfully seduce them, it happened. I suddenly had found my missing piece of advice!

I found the very book which had been waiting for me all the time since I had declared my goal. Actually, to my amazement, out of the multiple seduction books I had bought this was the last book in my bookshelf which I hadn’t read yet.

When I for the first time started reading the first couple of pages I didn’t think too much of it. I would read a couple of pages but then put it away again. Then, when suddenly my brother bought me a ticket to visit him in Krakow, Poland, I brought the book with me.

I had almost two hours on the plane, so I thought: “Why not read the book? After all, the plane is packed with beautiful polish girls and cabin attendants, and I am on my way to Poland; a place with a lot of feminine, sexy women. So why not immediately try some things out which I’ll learn?”

After reading chapter by chapter, page by page, suddenly my understanding became more and more enlightened. Suddenly I realized I was receiving the advice I was waiting for so long. Suddenly I knew my breakthrough was just around the corner.

Nearing the second hour of the flight I was already more than halfway through the book. I had a beautiful cabin attendant walking pass me every now and then, and I was determined to immediately try the things I just learned out on her. I remember reading the part where the author explained that you should never look away after having made eye contact with a woman and to always make it obvious that you’re checking her out.

As she walked by I did just that: I checked her out fully and with a sly smile.

She noticed, and within no time I was chatting with her. “What book are you reading?” she asked. I smilingly showed her the book with the obvious, beautiful girl on the front cover. She smiled back and said: “Aren’t there any books like that for women?” I replied, “I’m not sure, but I would happily give you some advice while we share a drink together in Krakow.” This interaction ended up in her — the cabin attendant — giving me her phone number!

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes as to what had just happened. Did I really just successfully flirt and got the number of a gorgeous beautiful woman — who happens to be my current cabin attendant and is around 10 years older than me? Yes, it did all happen, and it happened to be only the beginning of what had started to become a wonderful time in Poland.

Everything I learned in the mental bin

During those two weeks in Poland I learned more about seduction than I had during the whole previous year alone. What I learned was so profound and incredibly applicable there in Poland (simply because the women there are so feminine) that I approached countless of girls and successfully dated 4 very beautiful women.

Since that time my eyes have been widely opened and I had instantly let go of all the crap I had learned beforehand. The book I read on that plane was simply everything I needed to get my desired results with women.

As of today, I can happily tell you that my confidence and self-esteem are higher than ever before when it comes to dating extremely beautiful women. I can, for example, effortlessly approach and seduce very hot women without having even the slightest feeling of nervousness or anxiousness. I can effortlessly escalate a seemingly ordinary situation into something very sexual; within minutes and even seconds.

But most importantly: I can do all of the above while maintaining joy, happiness, staying in the moment, and seeing constant appreciative smiles in front of me.

breakthrough-wallMy dream for you and every other man in the world

Since my achievements with beautiful women all came relatively effortlessly to me I had to find out what exactly had happened to me. I had to know exactly what made me go from an unconfident, shy guy with women, to someone who looked as if he had dated beautiful women since the day he was born. The effect was so exhilarating that I had to put it down on paper and share it with the world.

I shared the book with my brother, friends, and others. I wanted to see the same results for them, but somehow the book didn’t have it’s impact on others just like it had on me. Others did get the message but still were in their old mindset. I couldn’t believe as to why this happened and still now am I confused by it. All that truth regarding dating and seduction, all in just one 350 page book. Certainly, if you have the dream to become really good you should be able to learn from it, right?

That’s when I started to understand that not everyone had such big desires like mine. Also, not everyone liked the idea of reading books, and I can relate quite well to that as I have never been a reader either, unlike as of two years ago.

Nevertheless, my desire for others to have the same kept growing and growing within me. It kept — and stil keeps — me bothering when I see some poor guy acting so foolishly simply because he doesn’t know any better. For example, if you are a guy, and I assume you are; seduction has very little to do with your looks, at least not if you want to date and have sex with very sexy women. All you need to have is the required knowledge to know what women want and how to give it to them, and looks are not ranked high on the list; to the contrary, it ranks almost at the bottom (for men).

beautiful-girl-bedYou can experience these very same results, too!

As I couldn’t find enough information on true seduction — which means I could only find it in my wonderful book — I wanted to share this message with more people than merely readers. I think this information is so profound for men, and even women, that it really is worth it to start a brand new movement on the internet with it’s sole foundation on that book.

Therefore, I started Superior Seduction, and to be honest I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share my idea’s with you on our blog and YouTube channel. My desires are immensely huge — desires to make men from all over the world extremely confident, charming, and responsible with women, and absolutely free from any social conditioning or socialization.

My only request to you is that you follow our articles, follow our videos, and follow what we do. My promise to you is that I will keep serving you with the best, truthful, and practical information on seduction and attraction. I will never share any irrational idea’s and techniques; for example, ideas which have been based on the sole idea that we ourselves are not worthy enough for beautiful women.

To summarize, here’s what I want you to do next:

First of all, buy the book of which I have been referring so much of in this article. It’s called:

The Manual – What Women Want And How To Give It To Them

I would be extremely happy to see you bypass all the conventional PUA stuff and go directly to the truthful source.

But whether or not your willing to buy and read the book, what I highly suggest you do anyway is to…

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Trust me, it won’t hurt you to read more of our stuff. It will only enlighten your understanding of what beautiful women want and how to give it to them. Also, keep an eye on the very blog you’re currently visiting as it will be constantly updated with new, awesome content.

All of the above is a big promise of me, to you!

For now, I hope I have made it clear to you as to why I started Superior Seduction and what my vision for it is. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share please feel free to do so in the comment section below. I’m hungry for your feedback!

Oh and the cabin attendant? Yes, I lovingly dated her, had great times, and we kissed passionately. I wasn’t able to pull the sex off just yet. I still had to learn, just like you and I still have to this very day. However, the fact that I came that far, that easily, really did set for me the foundation of my new, astonishing understanding of beautiful women.