What To Do On a First Date With a Beautiful Girl

Recently, I was reviewing a lot of other people’s dating advice.

What surprised me was that SO many men think they are qualified to give expert advice on seduction, when truthfully their techniques might be effective about 1/10 to mine.

What’s even worse is that almost every guy who reads it actually loves it.

If they’d know they could achieve all their desires in such a more effortless and fun way… How happy would they be?

However, don’t take me wrong though.

I don’t take any credit for having such awesome techniques to get girls.

I just learned what attraction is based upon and, therefore, what you should do.

Or I’d rather say how you should do it…

What you do is not important.what you do on a date is not important

Too many advice is based upon what you should do.

What to talk about with girls.

What to do on a first date.

What to wear on a first date.

What designer clothes to buy.

What haircut to have.


The thing is, actually none of these things matter at all.

You can have a successful date with a very beautiful and sophisticated girl, on a park bench, in the winter, talking about each others’ grandparents, with your hair completely messed up, while you wear a T-shirt which says “My mama thinks I’m special” (I actually have one).

You see, what’s much more important is how you do the date. Or rather, how you interact with beautiful and sexy girls.

Why the “what” is not important

If you so far have followed any of my advice you know that you should be charming with women. This includes giving verbal and non-verbal compliments.

But did you ever realize that you can give a compliment in a thousand different ways?

Overall, a compliment either is confident or not. The idea is that you want it to be confident during all times.

However what the compliment is about is not that important, though it should be specific and sincere.

At the other hand, how you give the compliment is very important.

Many PUA guru’s will advise you to never compliment a sexy girl on her beautiful looks. I’m sure you have stumbled upon that very same advice somewhere.

The reason why they advise such ridiculousness is because for one, they subconsciously feel unworthy of the girl, and two, they want to separate themselves from the pack.

The intention is great, the method is horrible.

To withhold your compliments of beautiful girls’ looks is exactly the same as shooting yourself in the foot.


Because the more charming you are the more comfortable you’ll make her, and therefore the more attractive you’ll be to her!

However, the opposite is definitely true as well. The less charming you are, the less chances you’ll have to sleep with her.

So what do I advise to separate yourself from everyone else?

Simply give the compliment in a confident manner.

That’s all you have to do to separate yourself completely!

You see, when it comes to girls, most men have such low self-esteem that they absolutely don’t dare to confidently compliment a girl on her beautiful looks.

Whether there are people around or not; they just don’t have the balls!

Therefore, if you just adopt the quality of confidently and shamelessly complimenting sexy girls, you can, as a matter of fact, bombard them with the most intense compliments you can think of.

Actually, they’ll find you more attractive with every confident compliment you give them.


Because it is simply the masculine thing to do!

If you have followed any of my stuff so far, you know that all you need to be is masculine and charming in order to get women.

Hence, all you need to focus on is being masculine.

And you can be masculine during all kind of dates, wherever you are.

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do.

All that matter is how you do it.

It’s about your personality, not about what you do or have accomplished.

If you think your first date should imply that you have achieved successful things in life, or that you achieved anything other than an awesome personality then understand that you are thinking with the wrong mindset. Read this article to understand what I mean.

Can you relate to the “Don’t compliment girls on their looks” advice?

How about all the time worrying about to what venue you should take her?

I know I did. 

Let me know in the comment section below!

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