The Science Of Attracting Beautiful Women

Do you think attraction is a decision? Not at all. It’s an emotion, and emotions are based on… Our instincts!

In today’s article I’ll share with you the science of attracting beautiful women.

But before we continue I highly recommend you first read this article on socialization as it is necessary for you to understand it thoroughly before you can understand the mindset behind my (scientific) approach of attracting beautiful women.

(By the way, that opening sentence really sounds as if some nerd is writing this. Hah! Don’t judge yet, my friend.)

Anyway, for the purpose of not making this article too long I’m going to go quickly through each of the characteristics of which I believe makes you very attractive to beautiful, sexy women. All these characteristics are backed by science, meaning women are naturally and instinctively attracted to them.

Furthermore, everything I share in this article and on Superior Seduction is backed by my own experience with plenty of gorgeous, beautiful women.

Are you confident? If not, you better be!

Confidence is the primary and foremost characteristic which you should develop if your desires are to date and attract the most beautiful women you can find. The reason is simple:

All feminine (beautiful) women want their boyfriend to be confident — very confident.

When we speak about confidence in terms of dating, it’s simply the ability to accept uncertain situations.

Accepting uncertainty simply means you should consider the fact that this world is an uncertain world; what’s going to happen 5 minutes from now is speculative, but never certain.

Therefore, you should first of all, let go of all your irrational nervousness and approach anxiety around beautiful women by reading the article I recommended at the beginning of this article.

And second, understand that the very thing which makes you nervous is most likely not anything of danger at all, and if you will apply my approach to seduction, is the very thing beautiful women want, as it portrays a lot of confidence within your personality.

Everything is unquestionably uncertain. The very fact that you were born contained both for you and your mother the risk you both could die! Nevertheless, your mother was luckily confident enough to take action anyway, or in other words; she accepted the uncertainty.

For example, whenever you’re about to approach a beautiful girl, alone or with friends, you’ll never be 100% certain about the outcome. Even the very best seducers in the world can speculate about an outcome, but never will be 100% sure. However, instead of focusing on what may happen, they rather focus on their desires and then take action regardless of their uncertain feelings.

For example, when you were learning to drive a car, or a bicycle, or anything else new, you were also uncertain about the outcome. Nevertheless, you took action despite of that uncertainty, and in the end, everything turned out to be just fine, often even much better than before.

Therefore, confidence is nothing more than the ability to accept uncertainty. It is to face the unknown; to understand that what you’re about to do is something bold (hopefully), that you don’t know the specific outcome yet, but that you don’t need to know that either as you’ll never know beforehand anyway.

It basically means to consider life; to understand that you’ve been doing uncertain things all day long, all days of your life, and that you came out of everything just fine.

What this particular new mindset will do for you is help you get rid of the doubting, result oriented mindset, and instead make you become more focused on what you can do that very moment to get your desired outcome, instead of completely being oriented on how the situation will unfold.

Specifically, the way you do this is to develop high self-esteem.

Self-esteem simply means how much you like yourself, as I learned from my friend Brian Tracy. For example, if you like yourself a lot, you have high self-esteem. You regard yourself as someone who is important, likable, and valuable. However, if you like yourself a little, you have mediocre self-esteem, and if you don’t like yourself at all, you have very low self-esteem.

Developing high self-esteem is extremely beneficial to all your results in life.

This is because when you like yourself, you’ll automatically accept way more uncertainty in life due to your own high self-image, and in this way your confidence increases whenever your self esteem does.

You have incredibly much potential, in fact, you have so much potential which you don’t even dare dreaming about, yet. However, if you don’t regard yourself as such potential, or even worse; if you regard yourself as someone with very low potential, you unnecessarily hurt yourself!

It has been proven by many scientists, researchers, and self-development experts that you act, think and behave according to your self-esteem and self-image. Read the article, Your Self-Esteem Determines Your Life by Brian Tracy.

Another way to get high confidence is to simply rely on your own experience. This is the type of confidence which is most valuable to you, and is the type of confidence which you see pro’s of all natures have, but until you don’t have that precious experience with gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy women, you better focus on raising your self-esteem, therefore better being able to cope with the many uncertain approaches you’ll soon make.

Yearning to increase your self-esteem?

It’s very simple, my friend. Actually, you don’t need any particular reason to raise your self-esteem, at all!

Since you are naturally the most important person in your life you can intuitively consider yourself and your desires most important, and thus, raise your self-esteem. This might be hard for you to grasp at first.

Look, no one in this world will make decisions for you unless you do first. You are simply the master of your ship! Certainly, this very reason should be enough for you to start appreciating and valuing yourself a little more, right? After all, you are the one who will have to make the approaches. You will be the one who will soon lie in bed with one beautiful girl after the other.

Certainly, you could definitely appreciate yourself a little bit more. Since you are naturally responsible for more or less all your results in life, you should consider the fact to like and love yourself much, much more.

Besides, if you don’t love yourself, no one else will do either, simply because your self-hating actions will negatively unfold themselves in all your endeavors.

So, the way to improve your self-esteem is to simply like yourself more!

Specifically, the way you do this is to first appreciate what good in life you already have achieved and be grateful for it. This is huge. Love, praise and gratitude are three incredibly powerful emotions and when applied correctly and consistently will bring you quicker to success than anything else.

And second, keep taking actions which are consistent with your ideal self-image!

For example, if your ideal self-image is to be someone who can perfectly approach a beautiful girl and kiss her within 5 minutes, then start attempting such bold approaches! Of course, this is obviously just an example, your desires might be completely different, but you get the point!

The beauty of this exercise is that you’ll raise your self-esteem no matter what the outcome will be. If the approach worked, you achieved your goal, and therefore you’ll like yourself exponentially more.

However, if the approach didn’t work and she rejected you, you will have learned something new, which will make you a slightly more attractive man.

Either way, you’ll like yourself more!

To keep things to the point…

Developing high levels of confidence is what you have to do, as it is the very thing that beautiful women naturally and primarily are attracted to. Why naturally and primarily? Simply because that’s what women instinctively have wanted for over thousands, if not millions of years.

Masculine (confident) and feminine (beautiful) attract each other, as this has to do with our instinctive emotions toward attraction. Yes, attraction is an emotion; not a decision. We are attracted to the most suitable mate, consciously or unconsciously, but almost always unconsciously.

For men, this means beauty, as it communicates health, youthfulness, and fertility. The mothers of our kids need to be healthy, youthful, and fertile should we men expect a healthy offspring.

For women, however, this means confidence and charm, as confidence communicates that they’ll be protected and taken care of during all the vulnerable times to come (pregnancy, raising children, etc), and charm will communicate that she’ll be special to him, thus he’ll most likely stay devoted to her, and that’s all exactly what women need for the protection of their future babies.

Of course, I’m now speaking about our instinctive needs. Sure, nowadays women don’t need the protection of men, and men don’t necessarily need the beauty of women to have healthy kids, but as I said: Attraction is an emotion; not a decision. Hence, you got to give women what they instinctively are attracted to, not what society has made you believe, such as money, good looks, humor, or status.

Develop charm and have women absolutely adore you

Next in the sequence is charm. I define charm as the ability to make others feel good about themselves and life. But when we look at it from a dating perspective it also includes the ability to make women feel comfortable around you, special to you, and that you don’t do anything considered gross or socially seen unacceptable.

When she feels special to you she has an instinctive reason to give you her number, date with you, and sleep with you.

You should make women you want to attract feel comfortable around you during all times, and at the same time you also want to make them feel special to you.

Making women feel comfortable around you can be achieved in many different ways, but I’ll share the biggest one with you here: Simply be comfortable yourself.

All emotions are contagious; therefore, whenever you feel a strong emotion long enough, like comfort, you’ll automatically influence others with the same emotion!

And the way you become more comfortable is to simply consider what we have just talked about. Accept uncertainty and raise your self-esteem.

Now, at the other hand, the way you make women feel special to you this is to first of all, raise your standards! Only approach women who you think are extremely beautiful!

Forget the “warming up” and the “I’d better first approach a 6”. Seriously, only approach the very best women you can find in your area! 

What this will do for you is a lot, but what’s most important is that you’ll genuinely at least physically find her special. This way, it’ll be very easy for you to convey that emotion to her, and that is exactly what you have to do.

Second, you should never act desperate around women. Being desperate (in a sexual way) is one of the most unattractive things you can do. The reason is because this means you simply would choose any woman to sleep with. As a result, she will feel anything but special to you!

Therefore, you should instead be very selective about the women you want to date, and you do that by raising your standards. If you happen to not have any options yet, don’t worry. All you have to remember is that you should not convey that emotion to women.

Nobody knows what you think, therefore, everybody is biologically wired to intuitively judge by how you present yourself. This means you should simply act as if you already have more than enough options. However, this does not mean that you should play hard to get. It means you should never convey any emotions of neediness or eagerness for sex. Wanting her is good. Needing her is very bad.

And third, you should genuinely care about her, and show it to her. If you truly find her special this won’t be difficult for you to do, as you’ll instinctively do the necessary things. However, you should always remember that you should never care for her in a needy way, because that would make you feminine. You only do this when your mindset is still too oriented on the fact that women are of higher worth than you.

Take responsibility for everything that the two of you will do

Next is the art of taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility is simple, just like everything else in my approach to attraction and seduction.

It simply means: Lead everything that the two of you will do in the future.

What this means is that you should take responsibility for everything in the dating process; literally everything. You should therefore: Approach her first, ask for her number, take her out, get her back to your place, take her clothes off, etc.

Basically you take care of all the escalations; from the first meeting all the way into the bedroom.

The reason why you should take all the responsibility in dating is because most feminine women, from a dating perspective, simply want to avoid it. Here are the two scientific reasons why:

  1. sexual-escalation-with-women
    A nice example of how an attractive man could escalate a seemingly simple conversation into something very sexual.

    Women have more vulnerable bodies than men, therefore, they are naturally programmed to avoid conflicts as much as possible. For this reason, they try to avoid as much physical encounters as possible, including confrontations. Approaching an attractive man, for example, is a confrontation and could potentially end up in a conflict.

  2. Due to all the socialization she encountered on her part; implying that she’s a slut if she’ll behave “too easy” with you, she’ll want to avoid all the responsibility specifically in dating. This means she’ll actually feel like a slut if she’s the one who asks you first for your number, approaches you first, takes you out, starts kissing you first, etc.

Of course, the levels of socialization differ with different women, and therefore, the willingness to take responsibility will be vary with every woman, but generally speaking; the more feminine (beautiful) she is, the more socialization has negatively influenced her.

For these reasons, you should from now of on take full responsibility for everything that you do. What you do is not so important; what matters is that you do something.

This means that you presume where to go, what time to meet, what table to pick, where to go afterwards, etc. Don’t wait until she makes a move! That is feminine, irresponsible behavior, and that’s exactly the thing which has kept you away from all those beautiful girls during all those lean years!

Remember: Sexy women want a confident and charming guy. The way you demonstrate both characteristics is to take full responsibility for everything in the dating process. You like her, you want her, and you seduce her. All that she wants is a confident, charming guy, and to be able to say to her friends: “I don’t know what exactly happened, but it just… happened”, or in other words: “It was not my fault that we had sex! I’m the good girl!

On the other hand, you should always consider her opinions and idea’s, too. Having true responsibility is not about dominating everything that the two of you will do; it’s simply about assuming that your girl wants to be lead most of the times. If she has an idea for the two of you, then great! Consider it and make your appropriate move. But don’t wait for her to ask you out this Friday night.

Converse with her like anyone else, but with one big difference

Conversing with beautiful women is in fact just like holding a conversation with anyone else. If you’re anxious or nervous to do so, this tells me your mindset is not correct.

Once you have your mindset straight it’s entertaining to see the amount of men who are absolutely clueless as to what to say to beautiful women. Of course, this is due to their socialization, because what you say to women doesn’t matter that much. How you interact with them is much more important.

Are you, for instance, able to talk normally to your friends, family, and co-workers? I’m sure you are. If so, this means you’re able to confidently talk with beautiful women, too.

But wait a minute… Why isn’t that the case yet? How come you’re still worrying about what to say to her? Well, only because of these two reasons:

  1. Socialization has tricked you to believe that beautiful girls are of higher worth than you. Therefore:
  2. You are not confident enough to directly approach a beautiful girl and tell her exactly what you think of her.

What this means is that you have to work with the cause of your problem, which means dealing with your unworthy mindset for women.

Don’t work with the effects, such as inventing new pick-up lines, memorizing what you’ll say to her, or offering her a drink as an excuse to approach her. All these things try to deal with the effect of the problem, rather than the cause.

In other words; stop inventing new techniques to keep women engaged, such as fabricating magic tricks and stories, or trying to be funny. All these things don’t make women feel attracted to you. They rather make you her entertainer, instead of her lover.

What you should do instead is to immediately talk to her as if she is a good friend, but with one big difference…

Flirt with her!

Now that you know that you can approach any girl you like, and you can say anything you think about her, simply make the approach, give her a compliment, and make your intention clear. Then, just continue the conversation and flirt with her!

Since you’re attracted to her you’ll naturally be interested in her, so simply think out loud. Don’t be self-conscious about it, like the pick up artists. Simply be yourself, as if you would be with your friends or family, and remember the one difference: To flirt with her.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with stating your true intentions right from the get-go, and as a matter of fact; when you do it correctly women will be absolutely amazed and impressed by you due to the fact that almost no man they met has ever done something bold like that before.

Just make sure you don’t say anything which can come across as feminine, such as saying you’re afraid of spiders, or that you share your underwear with your little sister.

Also, when you delivered your compliment and stated your intentions, don’t wait for her to continue the conversation! Remember? You need to make the moves! You need to continue the conversation until she is more comfortable with you and willing to invest in it as well. It would be irresponsible not to do so, thus feminine, and that is exactly the type of behavior which keeps millions of men from all over the world from having sex with the women they truly dream of.

Masculine body language is the icing on the cake!

Notice the subtle differences between masculine and feminine body language?

Just like you should confidently think out loud and tell women exactly what you think of them, you should also hold your body very confidently and attractively.

The fact that women have more vulnerable bodies than men is easily seen in the way they hold their bodies. Feminine women, for example, keep their arms, hands, and legs close to their bodies by contracting themselves.

Of course, they don’t do this consciously, but it is programmed into their subconscious way of thinking as it was the most appropriate thing to do thousands of years ago, when there were no hospitals or social security.

At the other hand, confident men rather expand their body than contract it, as it is a sign of dominance. This means they never cross their legs like feminine women do, they keep their head up, and hold their legs, feet, and arms apart from their body.

In any case, everyone is subconsciously programmed to always first judge by body language, since it’s much more reliable than verbal communication.

To prove this, think of a time when you had to cheer someone up.

When you first asked them how they felt, they might have said, “fine”, but their bodies clearly demonstrated a whole different story. Therefore, it’s important to have your body language be congruent with your actual message.

If you otherwise fail to do so, you might confidently approach a beautiful girl and use some memorized pick up line, but your body won’t be congruent with what you say, hence the girl will notice it soon enough and that is a big red flag telling her you’re incongruent, and therefore, most likely ungenuine, unconfident, and unreliable.

These are the fundamentals behind the science of attracting beautiful women

There is of course much more to attracting the most beautiful and sexy women, such as seducing them, but this should definitely set you in the right direction.

Have you experienced some breakthroughs from this article? If so, share it with your friends to open their eyes, too.

Also, share with me your thoughts and experience in the comment section below. I’m always open to your feedback!

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