How To Improve Your Self-Esteem Around Beautiful Women

About one and a half year ago, my understanding of seduction completely and permanently changed.

Suddenly, I was dating and attracting astonishingly beautiful women.

Even less than a year before I was still learning all kinds of ineffective PUA routines, yet suddenly I had discovered the true key to an abundance of beautiful women.

A key so powerful that it instantly made me consciously get rid of all the PUA nonsense I’d learned over time.

It was simply too effective in oppose to the rest.

This key wasn’t some new “technique” you find all over the internet.

It was rather a philosophy.

A philosophy which I quickly comprehended, and so can you.

A philosophy which scientifically explains why beautiful women go to bed with you to the degree of:

  1. How confident you are.
  2. How charming you are.
  3. How responsible you are.

And the beauty of it is… The more feminine the girl, the better this works.

I had never heard of such a philosophy in the first place. This was all completely new to me, just like it may be to you now.

However, I had suddenly reached a critical understanding and I’m hoping this article will do the same for you.

For example, I always thought that men have to be beautiful too – just like women – to attract the opposite sex.

But after my discovery of this key, this is simply not the case.

That is like saying, “Apples are a fruit, therefore, all fruits are apples.”

I consider myself pretty good looking, however, before my discovery of that key I didn’t get much beautiful women if at all.

Nothing had changed about me on the outside… Not my style nor my personality.

It was just my mindset.

You see, when it comes to attraction beautiful women desire a certain personality trait from men.

A trait different from the traits we men are attracted to.

Specifically, I’m talking about masculinity.

Shouldn’t you know why beautiful women want masculine men, I suggest you to read this first.

beautiful couple datingSelf-Esteem brings you incredible amounts of confidence.

Confidence is by far, without any question, the most attractive quality you can obtain if you want to attract very beautiful women.

Incidentally, confidence is also the most usable skill with doing just about anything in life.

This is because having high confidence means to have the ability of accepting high levels of uncertainty.

When you can accept uncertainty you stay yourself; relaxed and poised.

Under such circumstances you’ll always produce the best results, in whatever you do.

And guess how you can easily and quickly get to such real confidence FAST?

That’s right, increase your self-esteem!

As a matter of fact, without any self-esteem you won’t have ANY real confidence whatsoever.

Sure, you might obtain “fake” confidence, like the quality of being certain about an outcome.

However, since almost everything in life is not certain at all we can better rely on the opposite; to accept uncertainty, which is far more useful in the real world.

This means that your “100% guaranteed to work” pick up lines, routines, or communication skills will diminish your confidence the very second they won’t work with some girl for any reason.

However, it also means that if you improve your self-esteem you simply won’t need any of such nonsense in the first place!


Because people with high self-esteem like themselves, therefore, they’ll trust on their own personality to take care of whatever uncertain situation may occur in their lives!

Self-esteem is extremely valuable.
Self-esteem is extremely valuable.

So what is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is:

  • The quality of liking yourself
  • The quality of valuing your own opinion
  • The quality of regarding both yourself and your opinion important.

But this does not mean you need to have a high ego at all. Actually, people with high self-esteem are usually fairly humble.

However, it does mean that you don’t let others’ opinion about you influence your state of mind in any way whatsoever.

You can, for instance, instantly recognize someone with low self-esteem by the way they react to someone who’s testing their confidence.

For example, when you try to approach a girl, and her friend immediately says, “she’s unavailable”, would you then immediately give up or feel somehow stupid about it, or would you first find out by actually confidently asking the girl herself?

You see, people with high self-esteem value their OWN opinion the most. Not that of others.

Therefore, because they like and value themselves so much they automatically become more confident, because they can always rely on their own true personality (which only can come forth once one is relaxed and at poise).

How to improve my self-esteem?

First of all, understand that TRUE self-esteem can only be linked to your own personality.

This is because if you want to like and value yourself more, you’ll have to find genuine reasons for it.

A genuine reason could be that you are a good friend.

Another is that you’re very persistent with your endeavors.

But what’s best is raising your self-esteem simply because you are.

You see, you don’t need any reason at all to start liking yourself more!

If your life isn’t the way you’d like it to be it’s only because you have most likely created the limitation yourself!

If you’ve created the limitation, you can fix it just as easily, too!

To remove limitations from your life (your self-limiting way of thinking) means to simply change your life.

Every personal development star will tell you this.

Specifically, in this situation your limitation is mainly your low self-esteem!

Self-esteem is something that happens on the inside, completely. It’s an intangible quality.

You see, I’ve started Superior Seduction with the specific reason of removing DATING limitations within your thinking.

Therefore, open your mind just a little and enter the mindset I live in every day.

How to NOT improve your self-esteem

A very bad way to improve your self-esteem could be to like yourself more because you drive a fancy Mercedes, or date a lot of sexy girls.

Sure, your confidence may be linked to such experiences because it made you good doing those things after all. That’s fine.

However, try to not link your self-esteem to anything in the outer world.

Linking your self-esteem to something outside of yourself often is bad!

Why?Sexy woman on bed

Because if you’ll ever lose any of such possessions you’ll immediately lose (part of) your self-esteem as well.

Instead, a far better and natural way to improve and keep your self esteem high, is to love and respect yourself phenomenally.

At least have a healthy opinion of yourself: One more important than that of others.

Why should your opinion of yourself be more important than what I think about you?

Well, who’s going to live with you? Will I or will you?

You see, you are the most important person in your life. No one else will ever take care of you unless you do first!

This is simply the law of nature. Only the most adaptable survive, including human beings.

You must preserve!

Therefore, if you think about it…

You don’t need much – like societies’ approval – to feel better about yourself, at all.

After all, you are all you’ll have to internally work with any way, so why not work with what you have effectively?

Take a step back from how you’ve been thinking the past months.

Have you been going in vicious circles getting the same kind of mediocre results, over and over again?

If so, stop beating yourself down.

Stop thinking you’re not good enough for exceptionally beautiful women.

All such thoughts are EXACTLY the reasons why….

  • You’ve been friend zoned.
  • You’ve spent way too much money on (useless) dates.
  • You experienced approach anxiety.
  • You are nervous.
  • Etc.

Yes, my friend, high or low self-esteem really does make a HUGE difference.

And if this is this case… Maybe everything appears so difficult only because of your low self-esteem in the first place?

Maybe your entire life would change once you’d see yourself as more than just a regular guy who is bad at …… ?

Are you willing to test the theory?

Do it! Try it out! Follow the steps in this article (and the subsequent links) and let me know!

You’ll be astonished, I promise.

But make sure NOT to build your self-esteem on the opinion of others (something outward), even if it’s positive.


Because that’s OTHERS’-esteem. It’s not YOUR-esteem!

I’ve already explained why that could potentially be bad.

How to specifically improve my self-esteem around beautiful women?

If you want to learn 8 specific steps to significantly improve your self-esteem with women, watch this video. (The video is 25 minutes, so if you have little time I have links in the description which forward you immediately to the 8 steps.)

Also, many of us have low self-esteem, specifically around beautiful women because society has taught us to think that way.

I have written an article which goes very deep into this. It will – if you’re nervous or anxious around sexy girls – help you significantly.

You can read it here.

Can you relate to seeing your self-esteem link directly to how confident and successful in life you are? Let me know below!


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