How To Attract Beautiful Women – The Fundamentals

Your results emerge from your actions. Your actions emerge from your thoughts. Your thoughts emerge from your beliefs. Your beliefs emerge from what has been programmed into you either by yourself or society. Today we're going to work with the cause of your problem and instill new beliefs.
Results emerge from actions. Actions emerge from thoughts. Thoughts emerge from beliefs. Beliefs emerge from what has been programmed in your mind either by society or yourself.

Today I’d like to introduce you to my approach of seduction and attraction.

Specifically, the mindset and belief system behind it.

This is important for you to understand, because if you do you actually won’t feel the need of receiving any more advice.

You see, when you adopt a natural mindset, everything literally becomes natural.

All your actions and deeds will align with your ideal, confident self, and that’s all you really need to attract beautiful women.

Let me start off by explaining why it’s so damn important for you to understand the mindset behind seduction I’m about to present to you…

Consider the fact that most men are simply not successful with attracting sexy women.

Have you ever wondered why this is the case?

If you have been reading my previous articles you already know what I mean, but in case you haven’t, the reason is simply because…

Socialization has taught most men the wrong ideas about attraction and seduction.

That’s really all there is to it, because when you were born you were everything but unconfident.

You were full of pride, enthusiasm and happiness, and you knew intuitively what women are attracted to.

However, due to socialization, which has gradually changed you over time, you became more and more unconfident.

Your self-esteem got lower and lower up until the point that you’re eventually self-conscious about everything that you do whenever you’re with a beautiful girl.

Do you recognize some of this?

Such extreme situations might not apply to you, but the same mindset still does.

You see, you might not be so unconfident that you’re self-conscious around women.

Maybe you’re not, maybe you are actually considered good with women.


But what society calls good with women I call nothing special.

All those impressive openers, negs, and excuses to bump into women I just find hilarious.

You see, attracting women, especially very beautiful women, is effortless to do and doesn’t require you to memorize any pick up line or opener whatsoever.

But that’s ONLY if your mindset is correct.

And how do you know if your mindset is correct?

Well, you can ask yourself these questions, for example:

  1. Is there any casual or sexual circumstance with a beautiful girl in which I would get nervous?
  2. When I converse or lock eyes with a beautiful girl, do I ever become self-conscious about my behavior, thoughts, or appearance?
  3. When I approach a girl to get to know her, do I ever worry about what others (such as her friends or strangers) will think of me?
  4. Do I ever worry about whether or not she’ll like me?
  5. Do I believe that women are primarily attracted to money, status, humor, playing hard to get, being impressive in any way, or good looks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you still have work to do on yourself.

Luckily you discovered Superior Seduction, since this article contains all the mental cures to the above false beliefs.

Let’s tackle each one by one.

1. Is there any casual or sexual circumstance with a beautiful girl in which I would get nervous?

2. When I converse or lock eyes with a beautiful girl, do I ever become self-conscious about my behavior, thoughts, or appearance?

If you answered yes to either one of the above questions you need to read this article on socialization.

Please, really digest this information and reflect on it.

Only come back here once you’ve finished that article.

3. When I approach a girl to get to know her, do I ever worry about what others (such as her friends or strangers) will think of me?

This is a common one.

This particular belief is the one I actually struggled most with before my confidence increased dramatically.

I would make all kinds of irrational excuses, such as:

  • “I’ll look like a fool”
  • “I’ll probably bother her friends or others in the process”
  • “Others will laugh at me”
  • “Her friends will pull her away”

I’m sure you can relate to some of these.

If so, understand that you are the most important person in your life.

Nobody else will make good, helpful decisions for you unless you do first.

You are responsible for more or less all your results in life.

What does this has to do with seduction?

A whole lot I tell you.

First of all, since you are the most important person in your life and thus have to make decisions for yourself so you can enjoy life the most, you should only worry about your own opinion of yourself.

Look, when you were a little child, you were raised to believe that other people’s opinion of you was important, simply because it was back then.

Back then, you needed those people, even strangers, to accept you.

However, right now I assume you are a grown up man, more than capable of dealing with your own situations and problems in life.

Therefore, other people’s opinion simply isn’t that important to you anymore!

Sure, it’s still important you don’t deviate too much from the pack, since we’re still social creatures.

However, going after what you want without hurting anyone in the process is all that really matters to you at this stage.

As long as you don’t hurt others in any way and abide the law, you’re good to go.

If that’s not enough reason for you to let go of your social pressure, consider this: Society doesn’t care about you anyway.

Seriously man!

While you are worrying about what they are thinking of you, they are worrying about what you think of them!

People are way too busy with their own lives to even consider yours.

This means you should from now of on never worry anymore about what others might think of you in any circumstance whatsoever.

Understand that you don’t need anyone’s approval other than that of the girl, and that people don’t care about you or your approach in the first place.

worrying man4. Do I ever worry about whether or not she’ll like me?

If you worry about whether she’ll like you or not, you clearly lack confidence.

As you should have read in The Science Of Attracting Beautiful Women, confidence is simply the ability to accept uncertainty.

Look, it’s indisputably unrealistic to believe that you can even get close to a 100% success rate.

Many women have boyfriends, are married, lesbian, or simply very dumb.

Therefore, all you should worry about is to just make the approach.

See, if you just make the approach using the mindset we have discussed so far, no matter what will happen, you’ll end up better and more attractive.

Here’s why:

  • If you approached her and you got what you wanted, congratulations.
  • If you approached her and got rejected, you learned from that experience and hence became a slightly more attractive man.
  • T he only case where you would in fact end up unhappy is when you wouldn’t approach her due to some rationalization inside of your head. In the heat of the moment it’s easy to do, but just as the chance is taken away do you realize how foolish it was not to do anything. Only in this situation do you actually feel bad.

See, I approach beautiful women all the time whenever I see them and desire to do so.

Do you think I get to have sex with all of them?

I’d of course be humbled to, but that’s just too unrealistic to even think of, right?

Therefore, rejection is simply inevitable.

But don’t worry!

There’s nothing wrong with rejection!

All that rejection means is that she’s at the moment not sexually interested in you, that’s all!I know you’ve seen Hollywood movies trying to convince you differently, but see, that’s socialization.

No one will laugh at you and no one will think you’re an idiot.

If at all, people will look up to you for actually finally seeing someone who has balls enough to do such bold things.

Of course, that only happens when you apply the more natural, instinctive approach to seduction.

women attracted to money5. Do I believe that women are primarily attracted to money, status, being impressive in any way, humor, playing hard to get, or good looks?

Now is a good time to debunk each and every one of these false beliefs.

Each of the above characteristics in and of themselves do not make you more attractive to beautiful women.

Notice I said beautiful women.

Quite honestly, I don’t know what the more unattractive, masculine women are attracted to.

Let’s look at each of the characteristics and things (did I really say things?) of which is conventionally believed to be attractive to beautiful women.

You’ll notice with each and every one of them that once they are debunked it’s actually extremely silly to regard and entertain such idea’s.

You’ll wonder how the whole world, or at least most of it, has been led to believe such ridiculous idea’s.

“If you want to get girls you got to have status, be rich, or impressive in some way”

If you happen to believe that women are attracted to status or anything man-made (like money) it means socialization has tricked you into believing it.

For example, some studies (like this one) have suggested that most women fall indeed for wealthier, more successful men, and they conclude that fact for the reason that these men are wealthy, have status, and are thus able to provide better for the woman and her offspring.

However, what these silly researchers (who are just like everyone else completely under the influence of bad socialization) forgot is that they are simply linking effects (attraction) to the wrong cause (wealth).

They think that women are attracted to wealthy men because of their money and status, however, what’s really the case is that these women are not attracted to the wealth or status of these men, but to the confidence such men tend to possess!

You see, when a man is wealthy or has status, he is socially accepted to act and behave proudly, important, and valuable.

That’s why so many women tend to fall for these type of men!

It’s simply because these men typically demonstrate much more masculine traits than mediocre people.

But don’t forget I said socially accepted.

You have absolutely nothing holding you back from acting in a very proud, important, and confident manner, other than your own self-image and limiting beliefs.

Society has taught you all your life that you cannot just act in such manners, and I’m now here telling you that you can, without any reason other than the fact that you feel like it.

Also, if you happen to believe that women unconsciously are attracted to men who can provide for them, you’re right, but understand I do not mean to provide financially.

If a girl is actively looking for a potential father, and she’s broke herself, then sure it’s important that he better has a financially stable life.

But most women are not actively looking for a father, they are looking for a boyfriend!

You know damn well enough guys who are far from successful in life but still are constantly surrounded by gorgeous women.

The reason is simply because they are confident regardless of their achievements in life, or in other words; less influenced by socialization.

Therefore, let them be an example for you, whether you are successful and rich or not.

Linking your confidence to anything man made is a foolish thing to do anyway, because you will loose your confidence the moment you lost that materialistic possession.

A far healthier way to obtain and keep confidence is to raise your self-esteem. The way you do that is explained in this article and this video.

Making women laugh only makes them feel more comfortable. You should rather focus on making them smile.

“Women are attracted to humor; they all say it themselves!”

Did you know that even women can link effects to the wrong causes?

Indeed, it’s not actually the humor which makes them attracted.

If that would be the case then the very best comedians would be out of business since they’d be banging all day long with the hottest models in the world.

So why do women themselves say they want a guy with lots of it?

Well, humor is charming of itself since it makes you feel good, so all it really is helpful for is that it makes women more comfortable.

See, when you make women laugh they relax and enjoy the present moment.

That’s all there really is to humor.

It doesn’t make you any more attractive other than that it makes her feel more comfortable around you.

But this doesn’t mean you should learn how to be funny for the sake of making women feel comfortable.

There are much better and effortless ways to do that, such as being comfortable yourself.

Focus on what makes women instinctively feel attracted to you, rather than listening to their baseless advice.

“Don’t compliment her on her looks, play hard to get”

Playing hard to get may seem as something which really does work, but it only seems like it, because women like men who have a lot of options!

But having options and playing hard to get is simply not the same.

Having many options means you carefully select the women you want to date and implies that if you do choose to date the girl she is very special to you.

At the other hand, playing hard to get implies that you’re not that attracted to her after all.

Implying that you’re reconsidering your attraction to her is extremely counterproductive as it makes you less charming, and therefore makes her feel less comfortable and special.

You can even lower her confidence if you would “neg” her, like some PUA’s advise.

Negging a girl basically means to highlight some bad aspect of her behavior or looks, to indirectly higher your own.

Why in the world would you want to lower her confidence?

Only people who are unconfident try to lower others’ confidence and self-image!

Truly confident and happy people are the ones who make others feel better about themselves, mainly by loving themselves in the first place.

So don’t ever try to play hard to get again.

You risk making her feel uncomfortable, not special, and lowering her confidence.

All three will inevitably work against you in the seduction process.

“That’s all really nice Sebastian, but you got the good looks”

Well, thank you, but if you happen to believe that you need to be good looking to attract beautiful women then that’s as if you would say: “An apple is a fruit, therefore all fruits are apples”.

You see, the fact that you might be attracted to her beauty doesn’t have to say that it’s the same the other way around.

You should know this by now anyway since it’s clearly explained in The Science Of Attracting Beautiful Women.

This does not take away the fact that women enjoy looking at beautiful men.

They do, but looks can get a man only so far while looks can get the girl all the way.

I bet the last time you felt attraction toward a girl happened in a split-second the moment you saw her.

However, women often take much more time to feel the same levels of attraction, since they first have to evaluate your confidence and charm in your verbal and nonverbal communication, while we men simply see her and instantly feel attraction.

So that’s it!

My goal with this article was to clarify how I think of the different approaches and mindsets to attraction and seduction.

I’ve shown you a bit of everything, and it should all give you a much brighter and overall understanding of the entire natural dating process!

Which insight was the most profound to you?

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